Book Review: Learn Microsoft Azure

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·Feb 15, 2023·

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Book Review: Learn Microsoft Azure
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Learn Microsoft Azure” by Mohamed Wali is an excellent guidebook for those who want to develop their cloud computing skills with Microsoft Azure. The book offers a detailed and comprehensive overview of the Azure ecosystem, covering the fundamental concepts and practical applications of this popular cloud platform.

What Does This Book Cover?

The book is divided into three parts: Azure Fundamentals, Azure Services, and Azure Management. Each chapter provides clear and concise explanations of the topics covered, accompanied by detailed examples, diagrams, and code snippets.

Chapter 1: Microsoft Azure 101

Chapter 2: Understanding Azure Storage

Chapter 3: Getting Familiar with Azure Virtual Networks

Chapter 4: Understanding Azure Virtual Machines

Chapter 5: Azure Web Apps Basics

Chapter 6: Managing Azure Web Apps

Chapter 7: Basics of Azure SQL Database

Chapter 8: Managing Azure SQL Database

Chapter 9: Understanding Azure Active Directory

Chapter 10: Monitoring and Automating Azure Services Using OMS

Chapter 11: Data Protection and Business Continuity Using OMS

The book provides a hands-on approach to learning, with practical exercises and step-by-step instructions throughout. The book also includes a range of resources, such as links to additional learning materials and online resources, that readers can use to continue their learning beyond the book.

In summary, “Learn Microsoft Azure” is an excellent resource for anyone looking to build, manage, and scale cloud applications using the Azure ecosystem. The book is well-written, comprehensive, and offers valuable insights into Azure services and management. It is highly recommended for developers, cloud architects, and IT professionals who want to expand their knowledge of Azure and its capabilities.

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